Sunday, November 26, 2006

It's Colder Than A Well Digger's Arse Out Here...

     Where DO we come up with these sayings?  All I know is, I grew up hearing how the temperatures outside could readily be compared to the lack of "bun" heat of a well digger...unfortunately, I don't believe I've ever even KNOWN a well digger to discuss lack of thermal control in the hiny area, so this may be a moot point!

     But WHATEVER!  It really is becoming quite cold out here in Seattle and we are expecting the very unusual rain mixed with snow in the higher elevations...thus, making it FEEL "colder than a well digger's arse" outside!  I've been laying around in fleece because I'm far too cheap to run millions of revolutions on my electric meter to stay warm...I imagine it is probably a bit LESS chilly to me than the general public anyway as I am on day 3 of PREDNISONE ROID RAGE...steroids always heat up my core temperature and make me look alcoholic in the face with a crimson blush.  Frankly, I can't think of a better time to endure this side effect than right now!

     I am developing cabin fever...thoughts of "The Shining" (Jack Nicholas movie) and "REDRUM" are brewing in the back of my noggin...I'm still not able to drive (or at least SHOULDN'T drive) and quite clumsy with the cane and vertigo.  I've eaten nearly everything NOT nailed down in my kitchen, but I have tried to chew the nails out of the things that ARE secured!  And, as you can see by the timing of this post, it IS 3:00AM PST...much like the energizer bunny, I'm "still going".  This is even after some mega dosed psychiatric medications!

     I DO think I will have to retire to the sanctuary of my bedroom shortly, however...if for nothing else, but the heat!  Warm and inviting covers do sound like Mecca to me right now.  Maybe tomorrow I will maintain just a bit more focus and a bit less manic energy and actually have something to write about besides sayings from my childhood or the weather...please don't hold your breath though...LOL


zeegirl601 said...

I've always heared "colder than a witch's tit" but who the heck knows where THAT saying comes from??

Sorry about the roids - I find that I *have* to take a sleeping pill when I'm on the solu-medrol or I get no sleep. The "voices" in my head just don't shut up otherwise. Here's hoping the steroids do what they need to do and you start feeling better soon - that vertigo stuff is a bitch.


sonyasuzanne said...

Oh gosh How I do remember REDRUM...I think I watched that movie at least 10 times, due to Jack Nicholas and his 'Here's Johnny!!!!!" rant.  Remember that one?  lol

Don't go to stir crazy...looks like your wonderful weather is worse than ours!  Interesting!

Hope your feeling better soon....roids are a bitch, aren't they?

Suzy, in feeling sorry for quarterback Grossman in Bear town, Chicago

baitulos said...


That witch's tit thing could have only come from a very disturbed man!  It only makes sense that way...LOL

Yes, the roids are a ragin'...It's just too hard of a fight to try to control them/me...I find the Prednisone taper actually causes worse psychological symptoms than the mega dose IV Solumedrol...go figure.  Looking forward to reading something on your blog today...


baitulos said...


Bummer about da Bears, girl...caught a bit of that game on the tube today while trying to keep myself from frying up the cat for more food!

I really am having a "Here's Johnny" moment right now!  I hope I can at least maintain my sanity long enough to get through this Prednisone taper without running naked down the street...of course, with our weather right now, that would be a bit "nippy"!  LOL


mdmhvonpa said...

I'm in on the witches tit thing ... can't tell you how many times I heard that.  Still don't  get it though but I'm sure it causes MS.  ;P