Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Well, I'm Glad THAT'S Over With...

     I'm sure you all probably think I'm referring to Christmas by the title of this blog, but I'm not!  I'm actually talking about my absence from "Cheese"...LOL

     I DO hope the holidays have brought each and every one of you all the "gifts" you had hoped for...whether it be material things, good health, or anything else you could imagine.

     Yes, I have been missing in action from BRAINCHEESE for almost a week...but I'm somewhat happy to report it has NOT been because I was hospitalized or hit by a bus!  We did have yet another brief windstorm here in Seattle late last week and I DID lose power briefly...but this was not the cause of my several day hiatus from writing.

     Last week began with a continuation of the horrible dizziness/vertigo/nausea I have been having, as well as developing a low grade fever every day.  As you might imagine, I have felt pretty "crappy" and began to lose hope my condition would EVER resolve itself...this resulted in a fairly significant "mood" change for me (if only I had one of those mood rings from the 70's...you know the one's I'm talking about???  I'm sure mine would have been BLACK!).

     Anywhozit...I became so discouraged to the point I simply stopped eating.  Partly because my nausea improved if I DIDN'T eat, and well, partly because I had lost my appetite completely.  You can imagine after a three day fast, my mind was just not too centered!  Which neither assisted my "mood" NOR my condition (and you KNOW if a fat girl stops eating, death could be knocking on the door! LOL).

     I had a "comin' to Jesus" with Dr. She Who Will Not Be Named...nothing was seeming to help.  Then Friday morning, I awakened from a bizarre dream (details, of which, I will not bore you with!) and recalled my history of having severe ear infections as a child and early adulthood...this got me to thinking.

     Long story short (or considerably longer than you might have wished for), I convincedDr. SWWNBN to "try" a round of antibiotics, thinking perhaps my fevers were the result of an underlying upper respiratory infection.  I am relieved to report I believe my suspicions may have been right (hasn't "cured" me, but I AM improved!)!  My dizziness has decreased markedly and, although I can't honestly report NO fevers (since I did run a tiny one yesterday again), even THAT has improved!!!

     So, I must go now and begin to prepare the VERY LARGE AND SUBSTANTIAL BILL I have promised to send Dr. SWWNBN "if" my theory proved correct...boy, do I just HATE to be correct...! LOLLOL


mumma4evr said...

sometimes our memories are our best doctors!!!

pjorpeej said...

Not everything that happens to us is a result of MS... Drs forget that sometimes.

Glad you're doing a bit better and hope you make major improvements over the next week so you can finally go back to work!  

Hugs! Peej  (By the way... will you finally buy that damn laptop???)