Thursday, December 7, 2006

My Cornucopia Of Crap...

     Well, let's just see if AOHELL will allow THIS picture to upload!  For whatever reason (perhaps Homeland Security is "on" to me?) AOL Journals has been either not loading photos or punishing me for some transgression...they also keep resetting my counter off there to the left side...gotta love modern technology that doesn't really work.  Kinda mimicking the human experience, I'd say.

     I've been receiving some emails from several of you "Cheese" readers out there and decided I must comment formally en masse to all y'all (you's guys, for the East Coasters)...after all, YOU'VE taken the time to write's the least I can do.  LOL

     As always, I am quite stunned there even exists a "reader" out there who takes the time to review my Cornucopia of I like to personally refer to Brain Cheese!  What started out as a desperation move on my part to pass time while in a nasty relapse this past Spring, has turned into a "process" of I have thoroughly enjoyed.  AND, writing "Cheese" has kept me out of the drug-infested alleys and on the straight and narrow path of Multiple Sclerosis...LOL.

     I have been so moved by the many of you who either leave comments or send emails...your stories are not only noteworthy, but often inspiring on levels difficult for me to explain in words (I know, that sounds "odd"...since I'm rather a word whore!).  You sometimes "push" me to see things in ways I might not otherwise had opportunity to see OR (and far worse) CHOSEN not to look at.  And, even more importantly, you remind me daily I am NOT ALONE...and definitely not alone with this disease.

     This thing called "Cyberspace" is a strange world...but then again, the REAL world isn't all that balanced either!  But in Cyberspace, there is so much more "free space" for interpretations to be made...we DO lose those important communication signals, such as voice intonation, facial expressions (I'm grimacing right now as I type!), and body language...the "stuff" true human experience is made of.  There's just something to be said for direct contact with another being.

     But what I have gathered in my communications via the Internet/Cyberspace from all of you is this:

     We are all searching for connection with one another.  We all NEED connection with one another.  Connection can come in many shapes, sizes, and formats.  We all long for a sense of "community".  WE ALL WANT TO FEEL UNDERSTOOD.

     SO, with that said...thank you for dropping by Brain Cheese when you can and thank you for "connecting" with not only myself, but with others who drop by here as well.  I will continue to write here as long as AOHELL does not ban me or my brain simply poops out on me (which either really IS a possibility these days!)...I will continue to try to "connect" with you, dear readers and friends, as long as time will long as you are still wanting to belly up to the table of my Cornucopia O' Crap!...



sonyasuzanne said...

Okay, I won't ASSume that the insertion of the word CRAP was meant for me only, although, in my humble existance, I'd like to think it's all about on that note...keep on with the 'ol Cornucopia of least you CAN DO IT...which is something that some of us long for.  =)

Love ya,

Moi, here in freezing my arse off, Chicago

harkoo said...

You are kind of stuck with us at this point!   As long as you can put Meha's paw on the keyboard to type us out a daily message, i am hopeful we will continue to know how you are doing.   Besides, how else will i be able to monitor the effects of global warming if i can't compare East vs West coast weathers?  

gdnplny1 said...

Try to get rid of my black ass...I know where you the hood! :o)

T to the SA

mdmhvonpa said...

Did someone say FREE "Cornucopia Of Crap"!???


crovira2 said...

We read the 'Cheese' because we love it (and you too, [face it you're lovable]).

I hope you never stop writing.

I don't always leave comments but I'm always reading.

sonyasuzanne said...

For anyone that read's the wit and humor of 'The Cheese' or has been wondering about the gal better known as Linda, please see my blog for a special message regarding her.

Thanks everyone,