Monday, December 4, 2006

OK, I Bathed...Now Back Off!...

     Isn't it funny how the simplest of tasks seem so daunting when feeling ill/depressed/sorry for one's self?  Just the simple act of taking a shower seems to exhaust me these days...of course, you have to remember, my WORLD is spinning from vertigo when I'm in there, so...LOL.

     And to make matters worse, AOHELL Journals is acting up...I can't even post the cute picture I took of Meha staring at a squirrel out the window today.  All is not right in the world of cyberspace for some reason...Frankly, I'm not even sure if I get this written, the site will accept it.

     I'm still pretty lacking in focus, but I DO want to take just a moment to thank all of you who have so diligently been checking in on me via blog, emails, calls, and really CAN'T know how much that means to me...not unless I tell you, of course! LOL

     I am going in to see Dr. She Who Will Not Be Named again in the morning, so hopefully I might have at least something funny she has said to write about...for what my insurance pays her, you'd think she could entertain me at the very least.

     I know this is a short post, but like the title says...I bathed already, so back off!  It's just the best I can least I don't have "stank" on me...(ah, like I did a few hours ago...:0)

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zeegirl602 said...

OMG, I have SO been there. When my relapse was at the height of its worseness (is that a word?) last summer I was lucky if I got out of bed at all, let alone dragged my ass in the shower. And, if I showered, there was NO hair drying or make-up donning b/c the shower would wipe me out for the rest of the day. I would just take my clean self with wet hair and go back to bed.

Boy, I'm SO glad I have MS, aren't you? ;-) Seriously though, you're in my prayers that the vertigo takes a permanent vacation and you can get back to some semblance of normalcy!