Saturday, December 2, 2006

Stir Crazy...

     I'm soooo there...stir crazy that is!  I've been essentially "house bound" now for days with my only brief reprieves coming from attending infusion appointments or Saint EB loading me up in the car for a meal/groceries and CW taking pity on me for a drive one evening...definitely NOT the lifestyle I am accustomed to.

     And to make matters worse, the steroids have my brain spinning circles around me, but without any rhyme or reason to my thinking...throw in some Valium to help control the vertigo, continued gait difficulties, and I believe I have now created the perfect storm!  I can't focus on the simplest task (believe me, even typing this is taking total concentration!)...can't watch TV (of course all that is on is college football on a Saturday...why IS that?!?), can't concentrate to write or create anything meaningful, can't read more than a paragraph without forgetting what I've read...I've got the STIR CRAZIES!!!

     My cat is driving me over an edge of reason as seems she does better when "mother" is gone to work most of the day.  So far today, she has knocked yet another potted plant off a shelf, smashing the pot into tiny pieces, rolled in the dirt and tracked it all over, jumping at my cane and my legs making it a precarious transfer down the hallway if I want to go from room to room, and generally being a devil child!  I finally had to "crate" her for a brief time just to get her to settle you suppose she has any idea how much danger she is in right now with my roid rage raising its ugly head?  I doubt it.

     And to make matters even worse...and yes, I DO blame you MS one is posting anything this weekend!  What's up with that??  I NEED something to read and I need it now!  So get busy...make something up if you have to, but it really IS your turn to entertain me right now!

     Must go restrain myself back to the chair with the belts and hoses to keep myself from running down the street naked...


harkoo said...

Your friends in the Midwest have no power tonight and those in the East are enduring gale-force winds and extreme cold,heralding the snow about to arrive, hunkering down for who knows what.   You have to rely on your Washingtonian friends to get you thru the night--can Saint EB help you?   My cousin who has married a hunter sent me lovely pictures of deer and rabbits for me to enjoy, only to ask if i knew of any deer and rabbit recipes.  I had many questions about her new life.  At my request, she has sent me a detailed explanation of what a buck rack is as i was clueless and didn't know anything about hunting.  I   can send it to you if you have nothing to read tonight-- sounds like a Stephen King kind of night at your house right now.   Has your evil kitty settled down yet?  

crovira2 said...

Hey, entertaining is what I <b>am</b>. Its what I <b>do</b>. :-)

Head on over to ad pick up on a podcast or two or three.

Seriously though. I know what you're going through. I get <b>awfully</b> antsy myself. (I was so friggin' bored with things that I started podcasting.)

Take a deep breath (Meditation's good. Just try to concentrate on nothingness. [Then go off on the irresistible tangents. {And then accept the distractions.}])

Worse come to worst, think about sex. Fantasize... Its what its all about anyway. (What am I Freud? :-)