Saturday, December 30, 2006


     Day Two of my return to work...I'm so tired I've almost forgotten Day One!

     Oh yeah...I went back to work yesterday on my "reduced schedule plan" decided upon by a corroboration of my doctor, my immediate boss, and the "wonderful" and "charming" HR Department (you have figured out by now when I'm being serious and when I'm being sarcastic, haven't you?!?).  As they say in dog obedience school, "Leave it", so I'll just let that issue "sit"...LOL

     Anyway, it was great to be back among the people I call "home" and my coworkers greeted me with a warm reception...cane, staggering, flushed cheeks, and all.  My immediate boss was preparing to leave the country for a period of a few weeks, so it was important that I reestablish myself before her departure.  Within a matter of hours (and after reading mail, emails, hugs, and explanations), I found myself joining right in the "bitching and moaning" group about this or that and settled right back into the familiar!  That's just how we "govmet" employees do things...nothing is EVER satisfactory...

     My first project is reading a stack of 50 cases and completing 4 page assessments on all of them.  The idea is a bit daunting, but I decided I would simply pace myself and try to complete the task by is Saturday, and I'm well over half way through...but golly, am I TIRED!!!  I find myself coming home and collapsing on the couch (the one I begged to have my arse airlifted off of to return to work?!?), too tired to even scold Meha (cat) for her bad behaviors (she just once again jumped up on the computer printer, causing me to have to lock her out of the room...if you listen closely, I'm sure you can hear her pathetic cries on the other side of the door!).

     I came home late this afternoon (of course putting in more hours a day than Dr. She Who Will Not Be Named released me to do) to find a plant nearly uprooted and on the floor and several items knocked off the countertop...the one place I beg the cat NOT to go.  I can't tell if she was more disturbed having me home all the time or now that I have been gone for two days?  I tend to think it's still all part of her plan to exert her force of world domination over me and wear me down so I will do her bidding...

     Anyway, after cleaning up the cat mess, cleaning out the cat box, and feeding the cat, I now feel too exhausted to do much of anything else.  I'm thinking of returning to my couch...and pondering the idea of changing my Feng Shui plan to INCLUDE my backside becoming a permanent fixture in the living room!  It's worth a try...because if this return to work plan fails, I'll be right back where I started...staring at four walls and WISHING I were back at work...vicious cycle, eh?  LOL


mumma4evr said...

silly cat!!!!! I am still cleaning up year at my place!!!

pjorpeej said...

LOL!  How soon we forget to buy extra foil...  :)

I know it goes against the grain, but please try and only work the hours you're allotted for a week or two?   You'll get over this infection/annoyance all that much faster if you don't wear yourself to a frazzle.  


hagartyjj said...

As annoying as it may be, learn from my mistakes and don't over do things!  I know...I remember what it was like to have this huge pile of things to do and it does suck to sit on the couch, we all know there is nothing on tv during the day, but the health must come first (as much as we hate that sometimes).  

You continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.  I wish you a speedy recovery and the best for the upcoming year!  Take care of yourself.