Wednesday, December 13, 2006

There's Always A Story BEHIND A Story...

     Rumors of my demise appear, at least at THIS time, to be false.  I am home now from what became a VERY long stay at Club Med (hospital to those of you "in the know").  Of course there is a "story" here to share, but unfortunately I am still feeling the effects of medications and MS, rendering me quite unable to type my fable.  LOL

     Suffice it to say, what happened to me was NOT a pretty picture, but I'm sure at some point I will find the humor in the "ugly" and be able to share with you my latest adventures during my 5 day ordeal at Club Med.  All I feel capable of typing right now are brief bullet points:

*Became delirious on my bathroom floor...managed to send a "questionable" email to Dr. She Who Will Not Be Named in wee hours of the morning.

*Dr. SWWNBN sent out the calvary, which included herself first, then the fire department.

*Spent what seemed like two days in the Club Med ER, then upstairs to a neuro unit, while Saint EB and DC ran interference for me with the "medical establishment".

*Was infused over the course of 5 days with something called IVIG (I think?!), poked, prodded, and tested.

*Had multiple friends call, stop by, send flowers and cards, and asked both Saint EB and Rojoo to "handle" BRAINCHEESE in my absence.

*Did battle with Dr. SWWNBN and secured my discharge late yesterday to return HOME WHERE I BELONG and avoided transfer to a rehab unit (I feel quite pleased with myself over this!).

     That's pretty much the gist of things...I'll write more when I can feel like my computer monitor is not spinning in front of my eyes!  And a special thanks to Suzy in Chicago for posting my whereabouts on her blog as well as those of you who posted comments or sent emails wondering about my absence...this too, shall pass, and I will be Baaaaaack!

     Until then (I mean when I'm fully "back"), I'll try to at least put something up here as often as I can that may or may not make sense...which will actually be NORMAL for "Cheese"!... 


harkoo said...

My thanks to Suzy too for posting imformation of your situation to all of us--by the 4th day of no postings by Braincheese, i was getting very concerned here too.   Am glad you are home now Linda and will be anxious to hear your story.   Certainly hope you are feeling better.    And sleeping better too--that was getting dicey as i recall.   my best, Joyce

pjorpeej said...

Glad you're home again.  Just wish you felt better after all that time at the Med!   They must've run out of the little drink umbrellas for you to still feel this bad.

Hope to hear you happy and smiling again soon!

sonyasuzanne said...

Normal?  What in the world is normal?  I wish someone would tell me.  

I'm glad too that you are home where you should be.  Meha had to have missed you. She is behaving, isn't she?

At least now I see your name lit up on my buddy list. me great comfort, it does.


mdmhvonpa said...

Missed you kiddo.  Glad you are back ... mostly back.

zeegirl601 said...

Oh my gosh! I wondered what had happened to you! SO glad you are back home again and that you're alright. (And, of course, I am woefully late with this comment - I haven't been reading or writing blogs much of late.)

Anyway, keep yer chin up and I hope things will improve soon!!!