Sunday, August 20, 2006

Stop The Insanity...Or At Least Stop My Whining!

     OK...I've been doing some blog "whining and dining" lately, except the meal I've been eating has probably been crow!

     Shortly after yesterday's blog was posted about my numerous aches and pains, I received a concerned and caring email from my friend, Joyce, hoping I was doing all right.  Then I read Suzy's post on and she's taken to praying for me!  I have somehow managed to set off a 3 state alarm of concern...

     Now, don't get me wrong...everything IN my posts are true to the best of my knowledge and particularly when the information is about "moi".  And I HAVE been unusually (of course that's not a great choice of words really) aching and pained since this Spring/heat of summer/work week/progressing MS.  But I've realized I need to be more careful of the words I choose when I spew my condition in print..."all y'all" (that's Texan for "you guys") who drudge through my postings of monotonous blather deserve to be entertained and informed and NOT feeling like you need to set up an emergency prayer circle to heal me or ask for forgiveness for my heathen soul!

     Please understand I am very grateful to have such wonderful friends and readers and your concerns are heartfelt and touching...I am very fortunate to have met each of you, either via blog comment, email, or phone.  But for the record, I'm not dying...probably not even close to death (can't rule out accidents, so I'll remain cautious)...and my rants and whines are just that...whatever is on my mind at the time.

     I tend to be a somewhat "dramatic presenter" (one could worry about psychiatric diagnoses here) and I enjoy writing colorful and descriptive things.  So if I feel bad, I write about it and, if I feel good, I write about that, too.  Yesterday was a "feel bad" kind of day.

     In an effort to redeem myself in blog, I have decided I MUST write today about the things I feel good about or am thankful for...gotta counter balance yesterday's spew!  And also to let all y'all know I'm really doing OK...I have MS and that's not going away, but I do have things in my life which are great blessings.  Here's my top ten list:

10.  I still have all my limbs, teeth, organs (minus appendix and gallbladder, but who needs those anyway?).

 9.  I have a sense of humor that most likely was passed on to me by a is a gift to be able to see the "fun" and silliness of the world around me.

 8.  I have some of the most caring, knowledgeable, and professional practitioners looking after my health...from a gifted therapist to a brilliant neurologist.

 7.  I still have control of my bodily functions, ie., bladder, bowel, speech, etc. (unless of course someone scares the crap or pee out of me!)

 6.  I live in Seattle, WA, one of the most beautiful cities in the world (must throw in a proud "Neener neener" here, unless you also live in Seattle...then it's a high five slap)

 5.  I have an adorable kitten coming to live with me (she really IS cute...see previous post 3ish days ago for pics)

 4.  I own my own car and home...assets I am pleased to have (never thought I'd be bound to a mortgage in my entire's a "good thing", right?!?).

 3.  I can still walk with only occasional need of assistance, either via wall or cane!  (Please see #9 and combine 3 with it...keeps me laughing)

 2.  I have a job I enjoy (most days) and enough money to meet my financial needs (but there is that beach house I've been thinking about...hmmm....)

 1.  I have wonderful and caring friends like YOU who cheer me on through the good, the bad, and the not so pretty (and that not so pretty would be yesterday's post!)

Whew...I made I'll shut my pie hole for a change... 


harkoo said...

You're ready for Tuesday with that attitude

sonyasuzanne said... it's my turn to whine....LOL.  AOL has asked me to sign in just to post a comment on your blog.  What's that about?

Okay, now I can move on since my complaint is over and done with....yes you have a tremendous amount of friends who care about you.  So it's a friends duty to pray, think of, email, call, or whatever friends do, to make sure things are A-Okay.  (I really typed A-Olay...but I have never seen your face, so I'm not sure of the Olay

So I'll pray....and I'll pray some more.  No your not heathen, either.  Your just fine, and I love your sense of humor, too,  of which I'm glad to see your happier attitude shine through on todays post. you think it would be wise to go ahead and post my typing the way it is?  I mean without corrections?  Wouldn't that sort of be know the friends  dripping by, instead of dropping by, your A-Olay instead of A-Okay...that sort of thing.  I mean at least it would give people something to have to work at...figuring out what we both are trying to say, you know?  Maybe like a fun exercise for the brain.  =o)

Now that I've written a book, I'm just sayin'........


hagartyjj said...

I think it is important the we remember how blessed we really are.  Everyone has challenges in their lives...for us it seems to be our health.  MS is not fun to have, and I don't wish it upon anyone...but there are worse things that can happen to a person.  Thank goodness for good doctors (mine also being in Seattle!) who know just how to help us help ourselves when things are not going our way.  :)

mdmhvonpa said...

Mmmmmm, pie.