Friday, August 4, 2006

I'm Living In A War Zone...SEAFAIR Style!

     Can you hear "it" echoing through my computer?  "It" is the sound of the Blue Angels roaring overhead, practicing for this weekend's airobatic air show in honor of SEAFAIR...Seattle's annual water and boat celebration.  If you listen closely (or at least when the Angels roar closer to the other end of the lake), you can hear the deep engine sound of the hydroplane boats revving their engines and racing around the water course in qualifying laps. 

     I shouldn't complain almost sounds snobbish to bitch about living so close to Lake Washington that I am "put out" by the sounds of the overhead aircraft and watercraft who are preparing for their weekend of "fun".  But it is eerily annoying.

     I've never attended SEAFAIR on the water or from the shore of Lake Washington.  I'm just not big on large crowds mixed with a large lake and large amounts of alcohol...seems like a potentially dangerous combination if you ask me.  And I get to attend at least part of the Blue Angel's air show for free...they are, after all, currently dive bombing and twirling right now over my home!  I suppose it's a bit more spectacular to watch them do this over a large and deep body of water...the lake casts a looming body of "fear" should they crash.  

     Frankly, I'm scared enough one of the pilots might sneeze and take the roof off my house...that thought is enough excitement for MY weekend!

**See what "fun" you're missing while you sit roasting in Chicago, Suzy?!?**

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sonyasuzanne said...

Well the Blue Angels ain't nothin' compared to visiting with you....I'd take them anytime if I had to, just to be there!  Yes this heat is hell on earth and the coolness of Seattle sounds just so appealing to me.  Wait, I meant meeting you sounds so appealing.

Did any of that make any sense?  I'm on meds and STILL can't sleep.  Ughh....this stinks!  


Suzy in hotter than Seattle, Chicago, and still wishing I had the umph to make it to Seattle!