Saturday, August 26, 2006

Crashing All Around Me!

     Red Alert!!!  My computers are crashing all around me!!!  It has taken a good 45 minutes just to sign online and pull up my blog and I fear the worst is yet to laptop is now dying!!!

     The Geek Squad will be here next Saturday to mend the desktop...that's the soonest I could get them scheduled to repair my connectivity problem I have yet to fix since the first of the laptop is blinking out, so it may be a week or so before I can get back on board with BRAINCHEESE.  I will be able to check my emails at work (corporate "theft" is alive and well...that's what they call it when you use company supplies, etc., for personal use..."theft"), but won't be able to access this site for updates.  Maybe the laptop will have a change of heart, but it's not looking good right now...I think the internal fan has died and the hard drive is overheating.

     Best get this posted BEFORE it flashes the blue screen of death again!  Take care all and I'll be back soon...and by the way, Meha say's "hi".  She'd found her permanent napping place on my shoulder while I type this...more to follow with pictures, etc., after next Saturday!


harkoo said...

we'll miss you

hagartyjj said...

Sorry to hear your computer is on the fritz.  I hope you get things straightened out soon.  We will miss you.  Take care of yourself!  

sonyasuzanne said...

Ahhhh I see your still down.....ugh!  I just about fainted too....came here to check up on you and the whole blog thing wouldn't load up at all.  Totally caught me off guard!

Can't wait till you back in the writing mode!

Miss you!