Monday, August 7, 2006

Multiple Sclerosis Blogs I Read...

     Not only do I spend my mornings (or late nights, as the case may be) trying to come up with something informative (or at the very least fashionably tasteless) and entertaining to blog about, I also spend as much time as I have available READING several of my favorite MS blogs.  Most of these sites I have accidentally stumbled upon  or been led to via another MS blog site.

     I thoroughly enjoy reading the thoughts, opinions, and experiences of others who are also living their lives with's a strange bonding ritual I have developed via this new age of virtual reality!  Some of the bloggers I have contact with by phone or email...others remain anonymous and I don't even know their real names.  It doesn't really matter.  What we all share is a connection to a disease and a common experience:  we are living with Multiple Sclerosis.

     Several of the blog sites are quite entertaining and funny...some are touching and heart-felt...still others are informative and clinical.  Most are a mixture of all of those attributes.  I read them as frequently as I can and I try to leave comments when I am so moved on the sites which allow comments.

     There is a tiny space just to the right of Brain Cheese that mentions other journals I read.  You've probably noticed I only have three listed, but I actually read many more...I just don't list them on the side because the listing would take up too much space.  But, in an effort to provide a "reading list" to anyone who is interested, I will list my drive by bloggers here.  Please keep in mind they are listed in no particular order of interest (I don't want any hurt feelings now!) and if I have left YOUR blog/journal site out, leave me a comment so I can do a "drive by" at your site...most likely, I don't even know you exist but might LIKE to know about you!  Also, if you've got a particularly great site you read and want to let others know about it, leave a note in the comments section, too...BRAIN CHEESE is an equal opportunity journal after all.  LOL

     So, here's the list:

     Now, if that exhaustive list can't hold your interest or entertain you, you need Ritalin, my friend!  Happy reading...







sonyasuzanne said...

I didn't know of some of those blogs...thanks for posting the links!  I bopped over to a few of them and was very informed and entertained too!  More MS reading and sharing always helps and I learn so much from you and others regarding this *!@*$!# disease we have.  =o)

Hope you are doing well and I'm wishing you good tidings for your upcoming first Tysabri that the word I'm looking for?  =o)


mdmhvonpa said...