Friday, August 18, 2006


     Since I seem to be in a "Battle of the Blog" with my friend, Mdmhvonpa, over who can sneak in the funniest movie lines via blog post (and yes, I DID get your latest Beavis & Butthead remark in the previous post comment section!), I decided "Game On" was the best title for this's from a scene in the Movie, "Wayne's World"'ll just have to rent the movie to follow along.

     But as far as TYSABRI goes, it does appear we are now "game on" with the process.  After my lengthy calls earlier in the week and frustrating responses, it seems someone (most likely the Mafia Pharmaceutical Company) has nudged my insurance company to get the liquid gold out to my neurologist's office next week...I'm once again scheduled for my first infusion on Tuesday.

     I still do not know the FINAL cost for each infusion...I've gotten the quote from the pharmacy portion of my insurance:  $50.00 per vial.  But I can't seem to get even an estimate of my costs for the infusion site...all my Mega-Conglomerate Insurance Company will tell me is, "Your cost will be 10%".

     OK...I CAN do simple math...ten dollars on one hundred dollars on one thousand...but I can't even BEGIN to estimate how many hundreds or thousands of dollars this TOTAL cost will be!  It seems it will remain a mystery until I get that first bill and die of cardiac arrest when I open need to worry the MS might kill me...I'm sure my neurologist's billing department has dibs on my death before Multiple Sclerosis does.

     So, I'm all set for my newest line of MS treatment.  I've been flexing my veins in preparation for the IV.  Dr. She Who Will Not Be Named has already informed me she is "dulling down the needle and spitting on it twice"...a direct email quote(ours is an interesting relationship!).  I'm planning to take treats for everyone in the office, but never hurts to feed those who might kill you!

     In the famous words of Garth (yep, yet another WW movie reference), "I fear change", but I AM hoping TYSABRI may make changes for the better in my life.  I am hopeful the drug may slow this "aggressive MS" I have developed this Spring and return the quality of life I had prior to February.  At the very least, I am hoping the "change" may come in halting the progression of my MS, even if nothing improves from today forward.

     There are a lot of things I don't do well in my life...I don't "do" math well, can't really sing well, don't sculpt well, don't do foreign languages well, don't play hockey well, and I really don't DO DISABILITY well.  I hope I do well making the "right" healthcare decisions for myself, however...


hagartyjj said...

You gotta love Wayne's World!  :)  I am glad to hear all is a go on the Tysabri.  I will be thinking of you next week and keeping you in my prayers that this time everything goes off without a hitch.  

harkoo said...

You have clearly met your equal in Mdmhvonpa.   Am very pleased your hard work has resulted in the tysabri starting next week.   We will all be following and supporting you every step of the way.    

mdmhvonpa said...

I did some rather complex calculus complete with triple integration and the area under the curve has a dx,dy,dz convergence of ... get this ... ONE MILLION DOLLARS!

sonyasuzanne said...

Ahhhh looks like I've been missin' out!  I rootin' ya on in the battle girl!  With both Mondovhpa (how DO you spell his name?? lol) and with the Tysabri!

Oh, by the way, a trivia for ya....Waynes World was filmed here next to my little ol home town!  lol

Wishing you you said, let the battle begin!