Sunday, August 13, 2006

I'm Expecting!!!

     A kitten, that is!  Please feel free (I really mean DO IT!) to scroll through the pictures at the left of my expectant baby...

     Since I have now turned 42 and somewhere along the way forgot to have children (you're really NOT buying that, are you?), I decided it was time to have another pet in my life.  I have debated this decision in my head and heart for several months now and, just this week, gave myself the "go" to adopt.

     My original choice of a pet was a small dog.  But because of my crazy work schedule and little time I actually have at home, I made the most conscientious choice to NOT bring this type of vulnerable animal into my would not, after all, be fair to a small dog who would be needing much attention, potty breaks, and daily walks.  In saunters Miss Kitty...

     One of my coworkers (who, by the way, is a much better person than I!) does foster parenting for the local animal shelter.  She takes in cats of all ages and nurtures them until someone decides to adopt them.  She takes on the hard to adopt cats...the special needs cats...the behaviorally disturbed feline...and an assortment of other kitty medical ailments.  She nurses them back to health, starts IVs on them when they need fluids, gives them insulin, force feeds them, and any other type of care they might need just to survive.  As I said, she really IS a much better person than I!

     Because of my MS and particularly this last lengthy relapse, I had pretty much put the idea of bringing a cat into my home on my back mental burner.  I had many fears of being "inadequate" for such a small animal...what if I couldn't get out to get litter or food or take kitty to the vet if needed?  What if I became so ill I could barely fend for myself, let alone a dependent creature?  What if kitty tripped me in one of my stumbling ambulatory periods and I fell or, worse yet, fell on kitty?  MS fears were ruling my life.

     My coworker, who I'll call NBF, continued to be persistent with me.  She told me a few weeks ago she had just taken in a mother cat and her four, very tiny kittens.  She felt one of these kittens would be perfect for me.  I, of course, balked.  MS fear reared its ugly head...I told her I was afraid.

     NBF then got to talking with other coworkers about the idea of ME adopting one of the kittens...people started coming out of the woodwork like roaches to offer their support and "help" should I need it for things like cat runs to the store, etc.  They jokingly made it clear they would NOT go to the store for ME, but would graciously do so for kitty if needed!  LOL  I decided to just "take a look" at the little "mewers" in person.

     I went to NBF's home earlier in the week, not expecting much of anything, except to see four, cute little kittens.  NBF had already decided (and brought me a picture) one of the female kittens was just "purrfect" for me.  And, kitty number 1 was definitely beautiful.

     I spent quite a bit of time with the little balls of fur and held and petted kitty number 1, all the while watching the runt of the litter.  Little Miss Runt at first appeared a bit "touched" in the head...she seemed very timid and shy for a kitten and mostly watched her siblings play and dart about the room.  She was quite a bit smaller than the other three brutes and seemed to be mostly entertained playing by herself.  She just didn't appear to know "how" to manage the play and frolicking of her siblings.

     I kept watching Little Miss Runt and was fascinated by her shyness...she appeared to be learning from her siblings and would occasionally attempt to jump in to their heavy play, only to be swiped at by her much larger brother.  I decided to pick her up and hold her and that's when I heard it.  She purred like an engine.

     Little Miss Runt was the only kitten who purred when I held them...she was the only kitten who showed much interest in my presence at all!  She snuggled up in my arms and just purred a delightful sound...I was hooked.

    So, Little Miss Runt will be joining my household just as soon as she is well enough to head back to the clinic for her mandatory adoption's the shelter after all...they're trying to PREVENT more potential unwanted cats on the planet.  I'm hoping she will be well enough by the end of this week to undergo her traumatic surgery and transfer to my home...I really am excited about her coming to live with me!

     MS did not win this time and for that I am happy.  It will be so wonderful to have another living creature in my home besides my pampered plants...they really don't offer much companionship either, even though I DO talk to them!  And I am confident I will be able to manage Little Miss Runt with or without the help of my caring friends...good grief...I already bought her $150.00 dollars of supplies today!

     I can't continue to call her Little Miss Runt, however...she WILL need a much more appropriate name.  Got any suggestions?  Leave me a comment if something "profound" comes to you or fire an email to me at .  I look forward to reading your ideas...


harkoo said...

glad you didn't let your MS rule on  this one!   A cat is perfect for your life style.    Cece? for soft and petite?    Cats meet all the maternal needs i ever had too--he/she will give you a family now.  

mdmhvonpa said...

I think it is a FAB idea.  I'm a dog guy (aren't all guys dogs after all?) but cats do have their intangible benefits.  Cats are particularly interesting in that they seem to have quite neurotic personalities ... like us.  Dogs ... well, big dumb happy things who like to eat, poop and lick.  Yep, just like a guy.

Oh, and there are benefits to spaying beyond the obvious.  Musk is nice, in a bottle.  Keeps them from straying too.

hagartyjj said...

What a doll!  I personally am more of a dog person...but I think that has more to do with my allergy to cats than anything.  I do think that the little balls of fur happen to be quite adorable.  :)  I am so happy for you and am very glad to hear that MS did not win this battle.  Congrats on the new addition to your family.