Sunday, June 25, 2006

Takin' It On The Road...






     My friend Suzy, (here's her web page address over at ImagineBliss ) and I have decided to do a comedy tour about MS…mostly because we need the money!  But also because we’ve decided there’s just soooo much material available from our own lives that is way too funny not to share with the general public.

     MS really IS funny sometimes…to those of us who look diligently for the humor of it all.  We learn to laugh about changes and the peculiar course of the disease.  We either learn to laugh or face spending a lot of time crying.  We learn to “reframe” (a fancy word I learned in Psych 101) the disappointments into something more palatable and accepting to our psyches.  We learn to stumble gracefully and smile knowingly at ourselves looking up from the floor.  We learn to embrace our “gimpdom” with dignity and poise…as well as humility and humor.

     There’s something very healing and healthy about a good laugh.  Reader’s Digest has proclaimed this as truth for years with their column called, “Laughter Is The Best Medicine”, a page devoted to jokes and humorous stories in the magazine.  Scientists discovered a decade ago that laughter releases endorphins and provides us a natural “morphine” in our bodies…and, this natural morphine is free without side effects!

     It's so wonderful to have such a good friend like Suzy who also CONVENIENTLY has Multiple Sclerosis.  I mean, not that I wish this disease on anyone, particularly my friends!  But if we have to have the disease, it's just an added bonus to know someone ELSE who's walking a similar path, who understands the process, and can readily share in the adventure!...and laugh, and giggle, and SAY all those politically incorrect things our "other" non-MS-effected friends might feel uncomfortable hearing, especially the gimp jokes. 

     Suzy and I will let you know our tour dates and what cities we’ll be in once we’ve written our act.  I know the show won’t exactly be stand up comedy…we’re both too tired to stand very long!  And we’ll probably both get the giggles and be unable to deliver any punch lines…but we’re bound to have an adventure on the road! 

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sonyasuzanne said...


Your right....we'll need a chair or two because as you well know, my feet hurt far to much to stand for too long.

And don't forget....extra undies....just in case there's an accident because of all the laughing.  This happens to me on occasion, and I'm thinking it might happen to you too, so knowing our memory challenges, I wanted to remind you "don't forget extra undies",  in advance.  =o)