Friday, June 30, 2006

The Grass Is Always Greener...On My Weekend!

     So far today, it's been a two-bee-catch-and-release day...which is far better than the 7 bumble bees I removed from inside the house yesterday!  I've resigned myself to having my flying friends indoors throughout the summer as I can't bear the idea of extermination on the little critters.  And from everything I've read, once fall arrives, they will be moving on anyway and do not return to their previous's amazing what information one can obtain off the Internet!

     I committed to hosting a backyard grill party on the 4th of July.  I don't know what possessed me to do this!  It's not the party itself that brings cold shivers up my spine, but the preparation for it!  After all, I do love my dear friends who will be in darned yard is embarrassing once again.

     I don't know why my grass ALWAYS seems taller and greener right before my weekend.  It seems like I just mowed the green pasture yesterday and it's time to do it again.  I think it waits until I have time off from work, then in the dark of the night it has a growing spree just so I will have to pay attention to it the first moment I have to spend at home!  I believe my grass to be highly intelligent in this way...

     So, it looks like I will be spending my waking "cool" moments in the morning and late afternoon mowing my lawn and getting my backyard ready for visitors.  Of course, then there's the house INSIDE.  There will be a frantic bathroom and kitchen clean, straightening up of the living room, vacuuming...WHEW!  I'm already exhausted and I haven't even begun!!!

     I'm hoping once the 4th arrives, I will be able to just relax and enjoy the company of good friends and food on the grill.  At least I'll feel like I have THAT day off anyway. LOL

     Off to do bee patrol again...since I started writing this, I now have discovered 2 MORE bumblers in the kitchen window.  I hope they really get it that I am trying to SAVE their little lives by coexisting and my catch and release plan...perhaps THEY could mow my lawn and clean my house as a sign of goodfaith!


harkoo said...

Peta would be so proud of you!  

sonyasuzanne said...

Ahhhhh , try not to stress yourself out too much over this party!  Seriously, you're going to really enjoy it after all!

Dang girl...sure wish I was there for the 4th!