Sunday, June 25, 2006

I'm In Hell...

     It's true...I'm in pure hell and not necessarily because of my own transgressions!  Seattle, WA, is experiencing record high temperatures today.  I think it's around 85 degrees right now and heading upward to 90. 

     Now to most of you in the rest of the world, you're probably wondering why I am complaining (especially you Texans, who hit the 90 degree mark a few months ago!).  It's simple really.  WE DON'T HAVE AIR C0NDITIONING HERE!!!  Well, at least not in our homes anyway.  Seattle's temperatures are generally so mild and, because we're located on Puget Sound, we usually get a nice breeze of some sort off the water...but not today, kids!  We're pushing 90 with a stagnant air alert.

     I do have my poor man's air conditioning running.  Hooter's Restaurant would call it a wet T-shirt contest...I call it "survival".  I've got three fans running, a soaked T-shirt on my back, two ice packs on my head, and I'm sipping an icy beverage.  Unfortunately, I'm still HOT!  Oh yes, I also have that cute, mini, battery-operated, personal "MSWATCH 5th Anniversary" fan humming around my neck...I cursed the darned piece of expensive advertising three years ago when MSWATCH mailed me their propaganda.  I'm starting to think they may really have had my best interest at heart!  Perhaps they understand my MS better than I do.

     I'm so looking forward to going to work tomorrow and not because I'm the dedicated public servant I'd like others to think I am.  Our office building is air conditioned!!!  I may even win some "brownie points" with the Big Boss by going in early and staying late...think she'll figure out my devious ways?!?


hagartyjj said...

I know the feeling!  It is supposed to be 101` here in Richland today.  Fortunately I do have A/C.  I think I have learned over the years that I could never live anywhere that did not have A/C in it!  Do you have a cool tie or cooling vest?  Contact the MSAA, they have a whole cooling department and can get you hooked up...just go to for their information!  I went to a conference in Yakima this past weekend and they were giving out the coolties and told people to contact them for cooling vests and more.  That might be a place for you to contact.  

I hope you can get cooled off soon.  These temps are not supposed to go down anytime least not from what I can see on the weather report.

Take care!


sonyasuzanne said...

I was going to recommend the same thing!  =o)  I think these thingies that my mother in law uses to cool us down on the weekend events is something along those lines.  They look like a snake that you hang around your neck, and oh my gosh...the cooling effect they give is amazing!

Wishing you cooler days out there.....