Saturday, June 10, 2006

Navigating Steroid Road...

     I had a very "interesting" voice message left on my cell phone, which I picked up shortly after my first IV Solumedrol infusion today.  It was the voice of a dear friend singing (a bit off key mind you) the following words to the tune of Willie Nelson's "On the Road Again":  On the Roids again...just can't wait to get on the Roids again.  Half my life is sharing steroids with my friends and I can't wait to get on the Roids again.  All I can say is, at least I'M not the one who's psychotic yet!

     Today's infusion went fairly well actually.  Aside from the "dropsy" I feel during the infusion and afterward and the taste perversion (one I like to graphically describe as feeling like a dog has taken a crap in my mouth), it went pretty well.  I prophylactically started the psychiatric medications today "just in case" and have spent much of the day just relaxing and watching TV while I can.  Usually by the 3rd day, I am unable to focus or concentrate on anything and spend most of my agitated time pacing.

     I've got a Heparin lock dangling from my arm covered with a stocking mesh, which does pose a bathing problem, but nothing a bit of Saran Wrap and tape can't accommodate.  I tend to prefer to leave my catheter indwelling so as not to be stuck 3 different times by three different nurses with three different skill just saves me AND them the stress of restarting it.

     All in all the day was fairly eventless.  I have to say one of the side effects I DO enjoy is the extreme visual clarity that sets in about a half and hour after the infusion starts.  Colors become so much more intense and light seems to be brighter.  I can only imagine this must be a somewhat similar experience to watching Walt Disney's Fantasia while on I've heard anyway through the Timothy Leary research. LOL

     Unfortunately, I did discover tonight my blood sugar is creeping up a bit high because of the steroid side's always something!  So I will have to cautiously monitor my intake and probably cut out all sweets until I get through this weekend.  If THAT doesn't make me psychotic, I don't know what will!

     I know this will get posted as a Saturday blog, but understand it's already past 12:30 AM Saturday morning here...that's still Friday night to me.  I'm hoping Friday night doesn't turn into Friday night Saturday does certainly make navigating Steroid Road a bit more difficult without any sleep!

     Puttin' the pedal to the metal and cruising the highway...

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