Thursday, June 22, 2006

Another Day, Another Dollar...Lazarus Returns To Work

     That's me in the photo sunning myself in the late afternoon today after work.  I needed to lie down as I felt exhausted!

     Yes, it is true...Lazarus came back from the dead today and returned to work.  It was time.  I was starting to get bedsores.  I was bored.  And most importantly, I actually started FEELING better!  Can I hear an "Amen" from the crowd!?!

     I walked in the office today and was greeted by my favorite "peeps" in the entire world.  Saint EB was there to cheer me onward...she's always such a mental boost.  Then, I strolled back to my desk to find a most hilarious placard hanging on my cubicle wall.  It would have made the nose hairs curl in the Pope because of its complete and utter political incorrectness.  It was a sign poking fun at my recent "gimpdom"...I knew when I saw this I was home!

     I've said it before (and gonna say it again obviously)...I have some of the most wonderful people I call coworkers and friends.  Some may say, "But they're awful.  They make fun of you.  They mock your disability.  They're insensitive."  These are the very qualities I LOVE in them!  No one pulls any punches when it comes to my Multiple Sclerosis...I would never want them to.  It is the dark, sarcastic humor that bonds us together and helps me see beyond the pain or discomfort I am experiencing.  One might even say they boost my immune system with these comments and quips!

     I AM fatigued from my 9 1/2 hour day (we work unusual hours), but feeling so very fortunate I have a job to return to AND the privilege of working with the people I do...they truly lift my spirits and make each day something to look forward to.

     Yes, I am crossing my fingers that Lazarus is back among the living again...


sonyasuzanne said...


I'm so happy that you are tired from a good day's work, that you have GREAT friends/co-workers, that you are feeling better, and things are on the up swing!  Hallejiuia!!  (oh gosh, I think I actually really botched the spelling of that word, but heck, I'm too tired to look it up!!  lol  But you know what I was trying to say, right?)

Posting a picture of 'whatever that thing is called' made me smile as I read about sunning yourself.  I did that very thing today...just went out in the front yard and layed there on my back in the grass, lookin' up at the sky.  Was fun and vertigo-ish all at the same time.  Interesting!!  =o)

Your post sounds like your smiling today, which is making me smile too...


hagartyjj said...

I am really glad you were able to return to work!  That is great news....Congrats!   Just try not to over do things out of excitement of being back in the game.  I hope that you continue to feel well and only get better with each day.  Take care of yourself.  


monat77 said...

Amen girlfriend.....I only wish I could have seen you in person and shared in the love!  A couple people told me they were very excited to see you back in the trenches!  You and your great sense of humor are always missed when you aren't there!  Peace!!!  T$

gdnplny1 said...