Thursday, June 15, 2006

Poetry Break...

The Diagnosis



I feel time

Squeezing me,

Like a vice

Around my soul.

There is so much

I want to see

And taste

And be.

It is hard to be here

In this space of uncertainty

When I want to be there.


I feel the days,

The hours,

The seconds

Slip through my hands

Like tiny grains

Of sand

And I cannot possibly

Hold them all

And exam each one

With the care

And scrutiny

They deserve.

It is so difficult to be

In the moment

When the distance

Feels so close.


I am saddened

By time's rules.

I feel cheated

My clock wasn't given

Proper set

To play

Life's game

In ordinary span.


What little time

I have left,

I must make conscious effort

To play full out.

I must hold what I can


And dear to my heart.


I will play

By my  own rules

Until my clock


1 comment:

sonyasuzanne said...

Crying.....yet again.  

~~hugs and prayers sent out to you today and everyday~~