Saturday, September 16, 2006

Quotable Quotes Of The Week...

     My, what a week it has been!  There seems to have been so much happening around me...I'm not even sure I took it all in.

     Since there seems to be too many individual stories to tell about my week, I thought I'd just summarize with a few "quotable quotes" and let y'all wonder where the quotes came from and determine for yourselves just how my week has gone:


  "So, are you up for going to the casino on Sunday?"

     "Honey, I don't think black people turn blue."

     "We're working on it."

     "Is anyone available?"

     "The subject then offered what appeared to be human feces to the witness."

     "George (Bush senior) can't help it that he was born with a silver foot in his mouth."

     "We will continue to fight this War On Terror."

     "Yes, it's been five years now.  But every day is 9/11 to me."

     "Was she naked?"

     "Well, if you don't want to take the anti-cholinergics, your other option is life style changes."

     "No, I don't hear voices, but I do talk to myself too much."

     "I got a kick out of telling my 70 year old mother that my pediatrician was gay."

     "Where's my C.O.L.A.?? (Cost of living adjustment)"

     "I'm too f%&#ing tired to be profound!"

     "He's 95 years old...he has a RIGHT to be depressed and want to die."

    "Chocolate will DEFINITELY help."

     "I didn't tell you where I was going because I knew you wouldn't approve."

     "Yes, she was breathing my air once again and I was very annoyed inside!!!"

     "Bush has just broke into the tv with a news conference so I will scrub the toilet and wash the cat food bowls..."

     "How was the staff meeting, should I ask? Do I care?"

     "Does anybody know what time it is?  Ah, hell...never mind."

     "I'm lovin' you bald."


     "Do you think anyone will notice if I'm not there?"

     "I then noticed her outside the window without any pants on. (was she completely naked?)  No, she had a necklace on I think."

     Well, I guess that pretty much sums it up...hope you are enjoying your weekend!  I have finally made it to my 6 day furlough and will now move myself to the couch to watch cartoons and perhaps drool for several hours...



harkoo said...

i am so thrilled one of my comments made your list--there is no other way to deal with the insanity at this point.   Turn CNN off and crawl between the covers.   Enjoy your time off !  

sonyasuzanne said...

Oh man, those fabulous quotes are hilarious!  Can I borrow some?

Hey, I do know that one meow source....gotta be Miha!  Dayum am I good or what?  

Speaking of your newest she allowed treats yet?  I was thinking of sending her a Taffy Apple.  What'dya think?  Is it a no or a go?  


Me, in beautiful warm Chicago burbia where the wind is blowing in the fresh scent of dead fish.  =)