Friday, April 6, 2007

Something Just Not Right About It...

     They've been on the shelves now, probably even before the sun went down on Valentine's Day...I'm talking about those sugar-laden, little marshmallow things we've come to associate with Eastertime.  Peeps.

     When I was still young enough to believe in the Easter Bunny (and I promise NOT to digress here about my concerns of just how prolific rabbits and the resurrection of Jesus became a combined holiday tradition and belief! LOL), there were Peeps.  These little candy treats have been around for nearly 70 years (and NO, I am not old enough to remember the "birth" of Peeps...who, by the way, are made by a company called "Just Born").  They are a part of Springtime and now even a part of Christmas and Halloween.

     The weirdos I work with (no, I'm NOT talking about patients here) have held long-standing traditions and beliefs about to eat them, when to eat them, etc.  Some in my office prefer to buy their Peeps a year in advance, save them to "age" them, and then bring the Peeps out for fine dining the following year.  Still others believe the "newer" tradition of Peeps shaped as bunnies is just plain WRONG...Peeps are chickens/chicks after all!

     One year, a few of the "brighter bulbs" in my office decided to try something new with Peeps and use them to make smores.  Graham crackers and chocolate bars were collected, as well as an assortment of Peeps.  But since no one had access to a campfire in our downtown office, "someone" got the bright idea to try heating the Peep smores up in the microwave.  An important lesson was learned that day...marshmallow Peeps WILL explode in a microwave!!  (File THAT little tidbit of information in your important trivia files.)

     There is even a tradition this time of year held here in's called the Peep Art Show/Competition.  If you look closely at the photo above, you WILL be appalled to see Peeps have been substituted as disciples in Leonardo da'Vinci's "The Last Supper"...or maybe you WON'T be offended?

     Maybe you, like me, will find humor in the political "incorrectness" and sarcasm of the photo and get back to the grass roots of what is REALLY important to remember and to celebrate during this Easter/Passover season.  You DO recall what this is, don't you? let's all take a moment of silence together and pause to remember the Easter Bunny...LOL

   Peep out, my peeps...


mariealicejoan said...

I have never had a peep if you can believe it!  I have a nice fat Lindt chocolate bunny sitting here waiting for me to chomp into it  though.  That will do for me.  :-)

pjorpeej said...

Peeps MUST be stale before they can be fully enjoyed.   The only one I know of who likes them "fresh" is my dog, Bandit, and he'll eat almost anything.  :)

I've had some aging for a couple of weeks now and they're almost done.  

Happy Easter!!