Sunday, April 8, 2007

Dawn Will Show Her Crack Again...Hussy!...

Jumper Cables's true. I'll be up at the crack of dawn AGAIN on Monday! Why God, why?!?

I know why and the answer is simple...I'm easy. Fortunately, I am NOT free! I will be training the final early morning class of Management of Aggressive Behavior in the wee hours of the morning at work tomorrow. And just to pour an ample amount of salt in my wound, it IS supposed to be my day off!

It's nearly 9:45PM on Sunday right now...I'm still up posting on a blog...I'll probably STILL be up until my "usual" bedtime, which falls somewhere between midnight and 3:00AM. The good news (if one can call it "good") is, with such little sleep in the morning, I will remain blissfully unaware and unconcerned about the training least not until around 10:00AM when I actually DO wake up. LOL

We also have the first round of good-bye parties for DP, my retiring boss. But, of course, this will not start at the office until 2:00PM (when I would normally be reporting for work if I was SUPPOSED to be at work...and not home ON MY DAY OFF!)...this means I will "linger" (or malinger...just depends) at the office following our training, which ends at noon. There's always lunch to eat, but two hours is a long time to kill when sleep deprived...sort of makes me WANT to kill instead.

I cannot seem to get that totally stupid sleep aid commercial out of my head right now as I know the one. Lunesta. By tomorrow evening I'll most likely be wishing I had some of that, except MY drug would be spelled "Loonesta"...fitting, eh?

Off now to prepare to go to bed so I can stare at the ceiling and chastise myself for my "simple" ways...

**Note to self: Never ever agree to do something at work unless there is a substantial amount of cash involved for your time and effort. Thank You's do NOT equal cash, nor can Thank You's pay the mortgage.**

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mariealicejoan said...

Ahh ...... work, if we could only get paid for doing what we love in life ....WAIT! I aready do! Lucky Me!